About us

R-Systems is Estonian software development company that is specialised in creating realtime spatial data processing software systems.

We are characterised by:

  • Long-term experience and competence in spatial data processing - we have been creating realtime spatial data systems since 1989.
  • Usage and propagation of open-source software - our software is based on platforms that do not require costly licences.
  • Creation of our own develpment tools for spatial data processing and geographic visualisation - tools that we have developed are based on practical needs and are efficiently designed.
  • Deep interest and enthusiasm about work - we love what we are doing and want to be experts in it.


  • Starting from 1991 - software development for air surveillance systems
  • Starting from 1994 - hydrographic survey and data management systems
  • Starting from 1994 - development of the basic means for geo- information systems, taking into consideration the OpenGIS standards, optimised volume and speed as well as flexibility and ease of installation (the Frege 1.0 library of functions necessary for optimisation with the help of electronic charts, numerous chart editors, the Internet/Intranet map server)
  • Starting from 2000 - web-based information systems
  • Starting from 2002 - minehunting operations and information system
  • Starting from 2002 - browser-based geo-information systems
  • Starting from 2004 - GPRS positioning systems