Marine solutions

Marine solutions by R-Systems can serve both military and civil purposes.

We are interested in new challenges in the field of command and control systems, hydrographic survey systems development and web presentation of hydrographic data.

HIS - Hydrografic Database WEB system

We are prepared to transform your hydrographic data into WEB based Hydrographic Database Mangement System with GIS tools.
Database can contain basic hydrographic data:
- soundings
- contours
- wreks
- obstacles
- navigational points
and other data relevant for hydrography.
Data is loaded into database by Hydrographers in differnt ways and formats.
Users - Cartographers primarly - can download data from database also in differnt ways and formats.
HIS is middleware between Hydrographers and Chartographers.
Using HIS - if all hydrographic data is properly loaded into database Cartographers need to add waterways and map is ready.
HIS has also a lot of tasks to manage surveyed data.
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   HIS professional - videodemonstration (14:45 min)
HIS professional - videodemonstration
(14:45 min)

HIS professional - videodemonstration (14:45 min) Public Hydrographic System

The Minehunting Operations and Information System MOIS

supports all the phases of the mine hunting operations: planning, operation and reporting. The data handling and data exchange is entirely based on the NATO AML-SBO (Additional Military Layers, Small Bottom Objects) electronic chart concept.

   MOIS screenshot

Hydrographic Survey and Data Management Systems RAN and AEGIR

provides bathymetric surveying in line with the highest international standards of navigation safety. Navigation charts corresponding to the international IHO standard are used.
Survey software RAN provides tools for survey planning, bathymetric data store, visualization and quality analysing.
Post-processing software AEGIR checks and filters out erroneous bathymetric data.
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   AEGIR screenshot